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      Yinke company is the greater China region to be the leader of the production of high quality ink scraper,scraper has many years production experience and innovative spirit,make the printing division in the field of high quality scraping blade production has unique competitiveness.Printing division is committed to the production can be qpplied to all kinds of efficient printing scraping,leading quality,can replace scraping blade products imported

from Europe.
      Yinke high-speed scraping blade materials with cutting-edge brand of Sweden drag special steel strip,and with Swedish suppliers long- term close cooperation,continuous innovation.Europen production equipment using principle of high precision CNC automatic scraper is special equipment,and Sweden scraper prodution experts to provide technical support.
      We are the right choice of raw materials,prodution of high precision equipment,enables us to provide customers with high quality,more scraping blade product market competitiveness.
      Yinke department will provide a full range of technical support and services to the customers,advising clients to choose correct and proper use of scraping blade products,really for clients to improve the efficiency of printing,reduce waste reduce scraping printing cost.